The Bravo Before The Encore: How To Keep A Client Coming Back Through Thanks

Cultivating a relationship with clients is similar to cultivating relationships with friends and family. You must express interest in what they do, and you must offer them some value. Along with offering value and similar interests, you should always provide a professional presentation to clients. This includes sending thank you letters and thank you baskets to clients after a meeting or project. Showing appreciation to a client is one of the best ways to express the value that you see in them. For ideas on a great thank you that will keep clients coming back, read below.

Send a recap email

A recap of the meeting while it is fresh in the mind of you and the client will lavish the client in attention and remind them of why they sought out your business. Writing a recap and thank you email will give the client the impression that they are a priority and that you have thought out their needs. Keep the recap and thanks email short and sweet, outlining a few things they said in the meeting and giving a glimpse into how you will help their business in a specific manner.

Draft a handwritten card

Using stock cards or stationery is perfectly fine, as long as you include a handwritten note on the paper. Handwriting gives it a personal touch that you cannot get from a typed letter. Typed notes tend to seem like drafts that are sent to a number of people. Personal relationships call for personal expression, therefore it is best to write on the card yourself. Make sure you include some personal details from the client's project or the meeting that you had to make the note special.

Send personalized wine gift baskets

While it can be difficult to figure the type of foods or gift certificates that your client will enjoy, a wine gift basket is often a good choice. Most wine gift baskets include one or more bottles of wine, along with some small snacks that go along with the chosen wine. A wine gift basket is a professional gift that that is meant for the client to enjoy on their free time, which makes it a double win. Select a quality wine gift basket by trying out the basket for yourself before sending one to your client. The quality of the gift basket will be associated with the quality of your business and your relationship with the client. This is the time to make a grand impression that will linger.

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