Tips For Using Edible Orchids At Special Events

If you're looking to give a dessert, cocktail, or even an entree an eye-catching, exotic look, consider enhancing it with edible orchids. Although they will look too pretty to eat, the purple flowers are completely edible.

Edible flowers are ideal for decorating special event menu items, as they'll give the food and/or beverages an unexpected appeal. No matter what you're serving, from a gourmet appetizer spread to a basic cake, the flowers will instantly elevate the appearance of the dish.

Edible orchids are a vibrant purple and white color, are slightly crunchy in texture, and have a taste similar to endive. Although they are beautiful in their natural state, you can make them even prettier with a sweet, candy-like glaze.

These tasty flowers are ideal for any type of special occasion, from casual to glamorous. Consider incorporating edible orchids into a birthday or holiday party, anniversary or graduation celebration, wedding reception, or any other type of event menu. The floral touches will work especially well if you're planning a tropical-, beach- or Hawaiian-themed party. In addition to working them into your menu, you can use them on party favor treats as well. 

The following are some additional tips for using edible orchids at special events.


One of the most popular ways to use edible flowers is as decor for cake or other desserts. For instance, you can scatter them across the top of a wedding cake or place them neatly around the perimeters of the tiers. You can also have them cascading down the front of the cake for a dramatic effect.

Edible orchids also make creative frosted cupcake and cookie decor, and you can break up the flowers if they're too big for use on the individual desserts. For a colorful look, use a mix of edible flowers on your desserts, such as purple orchids and pansies, pink peonies, white elderflowers, and yellow dandelions and marigolds. 


While flowers are known for looking sweet, they can also be used to enhance an appetizer platter. As one idea, fry the edible orchids in a crispy tempura batter and serve with ranch dipping sauce. You can serve them by themselves, or as part of a platter of other deep-fried foods, such as pickles, mozzarella cheese sticks, mushrooms, and zucchini.

The orchids will also make a fresh colorful addition to any type of tossed salad as it has a lettuce-like flavor.

For more information about edible orchids for sale in your area, contact a flower shop.