Reasons to Add Sauerkraut to Your Meal Plan

Many people are moving towards healthier eating options. This change is for more than just eating healthier foods. Certain foods can help with basic body functions. These foods can also help reduce bodily issues you may be experiencing. Sauerkraut is one of those foods. If you have never considered adding it to your meal plan, here are some health benefits of sauerkraut and how they can affect your body.

Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation can cause havoc on your body. Inflammation is more than just swelling in your hands or feet. The inflammation can also affect your internal organs. Once it begins to affect internal organs, you will start noticing issues such as IBS starting or becoming worse. You will also notice issues with painful joints and inflammation around major organs. When you use sauerkraut as a supplement in your diet, you can reduce these issues drastically. The fiber and vitamins in sauerkraut help your digestive system by increasing gut health. This means you are moving toxins and waste out of your body on a routine basis, which helps inflammation drop and helps issues like IBS. 

Daily Vitamin Intake

You may know you need a boost in your vitamin intake. If that is the case, you need more foods that fit a certain category. These foods should be low in calories, moderate to high in fiber, and high in multiple vitamins. Sauerkraut meets all of those points. In fact, sauerkraut has vitamins C, K, and B6. It also contains folic acid which makes it an ideal addition to your meal plan during pregnancy. Potassium is also a vital vitamin that is in sauerkraut.

Probiotic Intake

Probiotics are a vital part of the digestive system and process. If you have IBS or other stomach and digestive issues, probiotics can help. The right probiotic level can increase good bacteria in your gut and help begin to move things in the right direction. Sauerkraut has a high level of probiotics. This is due to the fermentation of the cabbage that forms into the sauerkraut. Adding sauerkraut into your meal plan can help boost probiotics and give you some much-needed relief from your stomach issues. 

Having food in your meal plan that can help your health is vital. When you begin a meal plan, think about the health benefits of sauerkraut. Make meal plans that can incorporate it, as well as other beneficial fermented foods. Combining these new meal plans with increased water, vitamins, and an exercise routine can help your body and increase your health. If you have questions, make sure to ask your nutritionist or physician.