Make Holiday Baked Goods That Contain Milk Caramels

Adding a melted caramel layer to your favorite cookie and brownie recipes can be used to create delicious batches of sweet treats to enjoy during the holidays or give to others. Purchase the equipment and ingredients needed to systematically create fresh batches of baked goods.

Metal Pans And A Press

Metal pans that are coated or uncoated will support the addition of milk caramel, raw cookie dough, chocolate chips, and any other garnishments that you need to create a batch of cookies or brownies. A press can be used to create cookies that are a consistent shape.

Milk Caramels

A specialty foods supplier may sell batch or individual caramel products that are made with natural ingredients. Shop for milk caramels that use whole or reduced-fat milk, sugar, vanilla, cream, and butter. The combination of these ingredients gives quality caramels their soft, pliable texture.

Soft caramels will not be difficult to work with since you will be able to heat them up on a stovetop within minutes. If caramels are going to be one of the main ingredients going into the baked goods, you may want to purchase tinned caramel sets. The tins can be reused once you have finished baking. After lining parchment paper along the bottom of each tin, you will have a suitable area to rest all of the baked goods that you have made. 

The Prep And Baking Process

Any of the standard recipes that you currently use will help you determine the number of caramels that you will need to add a chewy center, top, or base to each product. Use a saucepan to melt caramels. Prepare the cookie dough or brownie batter that will be used to complete each recipe. If you would like to add a full layer of caramel to a product, pour melted caramel into a pan, prior to adding brownie batter to it.

The addition of caramel to cookies will require that you shape all of the cookies, prior to pouring the caramel on top of them. If you purchased small caramel pieces, you can place intact candies on top of the cookies. During the baking process, the caramels will melt down into the cookie dough.

Do not pour caramel into your cookie press, since this may cause the inside of the press to become sticky and difficult to use. The press will shape each individual cookie. If you purchase a press that contains metal plates that contain imprints, these can be used to add designs to the tops of the cookies.

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