Three Reasons To Choose Energy Water

If you're feeling tired and want a source of caffeine to give you more of an alert feeling, you have a lot of options. While some people stop at a local coffee shop to buy a coffee, another option is to grab an energy drink at a convenience store or gas station. One alternative to a standard energy drink that you may wish to try is a bottle of energy water. This drink is widely available and comes in several different flavors. There are a number of reasons that reaching for energy water can be a better choice than drinking a standard energy drink.

No Carbonation

A lot of standard energy drinks are carbonated, and while some people like the sensation of drinking something that has carbonation, there are drawbacks to this type of beverage. The consumption of carbonated products can sometimes make you feel bloated around your midsection, which can be uncomfortable. Carbonated beverages can also cause you to burp, which can be embarrassing if you're drinking an energy drink at work. A big reason to choose a bottle of energy water is that these products aren't typically carbonated. This will save you from having to deal with the issues that accompany carbonation.

No Coloring

Energy water is clear, just like a regular bottle of water. Conversely, a lot of standard energy drinks have artificial coloring. While this coloring can give a fun and vibrant look to your drink, it's not without its issues. Some people have allergic reactions to artificial coloring, for example. Common symptoms include feeling flushed and sometimes even having itchy skin. Artificial coloring can also temporarily dye your lips and contribute to dental staining. If you want a caffeinated drink that doesn't lead to any of these undesired outcomes, drinking a bottle of energy water can be a good choice.

Less Sugar

One of the reasons that many people favor energy water over standard energy drinks is that the former has much less sugar than the latter. A lot of energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, which can sometimes lead to a sugar crash. Additionally, a diet that is high in added sugars can increase your risk of weight gain and many other health challenges. If you're trying to limit your intake of sugar, energy water can be a better choice for you. Look online to learn about energy water and identify some stores in your area that carry this beverage. Contact a company like Volar Energy Water LLC to learn more.